Of duty field personage " elevator philosophy "

Of duty field personage " elevator philosophy "

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One closes, 上海品茶工作室

only a few seconds of; go up, be less than a minute. However, enter in this in, the ground of heart already made the room that white-collars of field yielding post freely easily hard. Recently, a website about " the elevator complex of duty field person " investigation, yield the central point that netizen attention makes between small elevator.

Be the same as with the leader by elevator 6 adults will be uneasy

The investigation on the net

Recently, website of some invite applications for a job is rolled out " the elevator complex of duty field person " investigation, the result shows, "Elevator " the substantial in already becoming duty field to live. Duty field person special to going to the office by elevator depend on, even if the office is in 3 the following, a lot of people also do not agree to climb stairs.

Investigation shows, the spot of office of duty field person of 82% is in the high-level building that has elevator. In the duty field person of the job inside high-level building, 93% metropolises choose to take elevator. Be in fast below the circumstance that 广州夜网论坛

be late, although near most probably the person is met " brave " ground choice and leader ride an elevator together, but people of 6 the field that become job are in and lead with by elevator when meeting sense is uneasy.

In investigation, 4 can follow the issue that the colleague is in company of the comment in elevator into duty field person, specific scale is 39.2% . Look from working fixed number of year, the scale that works more than 10 years is 27.7% , scale lowest. The job 2, scale of 5 years is top, for 58.7% . The scale that does not work is 39.6% . When the duty field person of 35% once had encountered eristic company business, what as it happens is led or other staff encounters is awkward.

The netizen is evil do: By elevator setting " literary sketch "

Face the duty field atmospheric pressure that diffuses not to come loose in elevator, white-collars cannot help evil do a few setting, alleviate in speak pressure. The cat attacks netizen recently painted give a few white-collars by elevator when occurrence groovy setting.

Into ladder -- switch speed is changed

Had crossed a gate to arrive elevator mouth a paragraph of run is particularly serious, this paragraph of road often compares hollowness, should show have leisure front courtyard to stroll as far as possible with grace, unfavorable use run waiting for a few white-collars of pose; is boil repeatedly from the bus take those who climb, but those who enter old hall is flashy should become switch of public transportation mode whi上海品茶工作室

te-collar pattern.

Food -- taste internationalization

The food that can appear in elevator may have astral Buck to wait only, be being differred again also must be Kendeji these. When these traditional culture or a few a gang of scoundries of share the same rotten tastes are together, strong-smelling preserved bean curd is savoured again.

Topic -- eye s广州夜网论坛

hot globalization

General inconvenience talks inside elevator. But the acquaintance that goes in together if much, stranger is little, might as well remain talking and laughing as if nothing had happened. Topic as far as possible internationalization, for instance " Sisi, you; of that Offer(bade, quote is willing, try; gives, offer... in jural translate commonly to want to make an appointment with, the contract requirement that shows party one party puts forward, wish to conclude with the other side the intent of the contract expresses) arrived? " " still be done not have, the equation of time that has 12 hours " , the attention cooperates expression.

Face about -- calm and genteel form

The face about that goes out from elevator is a key, there still are a lot of white-collars to look at inside elevator, male white-collar can be done hold one's head high hold out a bosom to pick up the telephone shape, female white-collar should notice to need not be eager to bowing visit the area or shoe, need holds out a bosom to carry buttock, grace turns.

Key-press -- group of leisure of gas compose oneself

If stand beside elevator key-press, if somebody is so ner上海品茶工作室

vous that somebody talking in whispers to seek floor seat in hurry-scurry mouth, ground of idle of compose oneself wanting energy of life helps him accurate effectively operation. Let the other side look at you to thank unceasingly, do not answer right now see the other side, want to still stand very elegant and professionally motionlessly, maintain a distance.

Formation -- imitate battleplan

Give what elevator can use battleplan to form into columns, lead foremost face be placed in the middle, the 2nd is Zun Qinglong right Bai Hu is protected, zhao Hu of dynasty horse Han Zhanglong clusters round from the back of what. The leader can visit to show state power at the same time at the same time, need cooperates gesticulation.


Of duty field personage " elevator philosophy "

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From the attitude detection that waits for elevator your heart

Gout checks

General, people won't maintain pose of stand at attention all the time when waiting for elevator, are you what kind of?

Make a round trip not A, self-consciously pace perhaps is on the ground stamp.

B, meeting does not stop to repeat for many times by press elevator button.

The C, directive figure that watchs elevator floor seriously, elevator door is opened go in immediately.

D, head looks at the ground downward.

E, look around the person all around or content, see the ceiling casually perhaps.


You are A, more sensitive, take slightly even jumpy. In the life, you are more perceptual, have talent of a few art.

B, your strength is a little urgent, it is the action group of with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, but constantly some of mood is changed.

C, you are more rational, sedate. You work very systimatic, but the likelihood likes to do adventure and the thing that did not hold not quite.

D, you look the meeting is silenter, your moral nature is kind-hearted, actually true, but not quite be good at refusing.

E, you have shrewdness, achievement motive is taller, you make friendly trend fewer but better.

These " elevator is formal " , you cannot not know

1, as subordinate you had better stand in elevator exit, so that be when switch elevator,serve for boss. And the good place of boss is to be in diagonally place, make the space of two people the largest change, and the psychological burden of debus subordinate.

2, unfavorable when the speech inside elevator those who staring at the other sideEyeDo not put, the look can fall appropriately move, it is cervical and advisable to be mixed with mouth.

3, elevator space is narrow, when speaking so, had better not have substantially gesticulation, cannot gesticulate more.

4, break silent the patent that is not subordinate, boss also can use this a few seconds to increase the understanding to subordinate, build majesty not to break friendly image again.

5, if boss is in,do not think a mouth apparently, that is done not have completely also necessary do not have a word to seek a word.

6, drunken or after eating garlic, had better chew a chewing gum. Before electrify ladder, answer a cigarette snuff.

7, better, lady should let preferential when fluctuation elevator.

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